Monday, October 26, 2009

A Tip for Canon G10 Owners: get around The 1 Second Aperture priority Mode Limitation


If you have a Canon G10 and like to shoot in Aperture Priority (Av) mode, you’ve probably become aware that the camera limits the shutter speed to 1 second, max.

That’s quite a limitation for a nice camera like the G10.

Anyhow, there’s a little workaround (or at least something that’ll be enough for most of us, proud owners of a G10).

The trick can be found here (you should read it for details):

Basically it consists in 3 steps:

  1. Change your mode to Shutter Speed (Tv) priority  (weird, I know, but keep reading)
  2. Point your camera to your subject and take a quick meter reading (press that asterisk button in your camera)
  3. Rotate the control ring. The LCD will display a dual meter (aperture and shutter speed) which you can change according to you criteria
  4. Take your shot

Although not exactly what you were looking for, it’s still a pretty nice cool workaround, don’t you think?

Getting GPS Coordinates from Google Maps, The Easy Way

It’s a pain in the ass every time you need to get the GPS coordinates from a location in google maps, right? You’ll find yourself “googling” about methods that will do the trick (hopefully you’ll land in this page) like pasting javascript in your address bar or installing just another extension in your firefox.

You’ll probably do it every time you need it because you don’t remember the trick you used last time. I find it hard to remember complicated javascript sentences or the name of that specific extension too, don’t worry.

Well, I found an easy way to get your gps coordinates easily, in 2 steps. And I have pictures of it, too :-)

Step 1. Go to google maps and find the location you desire. Right click the exact location you need and select the option “What’s here?”:


Step 2. Click the green arrow (not the red indicator) to get your GPS coordinates: