Friday, July 25, 2008

Car Record Player

Earlier today at work, we were chatting about old audio players and I happened to say that once there were in-car record players. Yes, record players. Everyone laughed at me and thought that I had gone completely insane. Of course everybody in this industry is in the process of going mad but I still have a few years of sanity to enjoy... 2 at least. Maybe less after I finish this post.

Well, here it is, behold the Chrysler Highway Hi-Fi:


And here is a video of the Philips Car Record Player:

Watch it, Kenwood, you never know... Philips may be planning a retro comeback with this hi-tech gadget.

I'm also starting to consider trading my Creative Zen 16GB with this useful portable player. I'll have to carry a backpack with 30kg worth of vinyl discs, though.